“Once-upon-a-time” Holiday Residence

Northern Italy
Holidays House in Italy San Benedetto Val di Sambro-Bologna.JPG

Tucked away amongst the picturesque little towns of Northern Italy, nestling beside gently flowing streams and rustic historical villages, sits an ancient property over 100 years old. The aim of this project was to create for the clients a unique holiday residence that would cater to the desires of those interested in temporarily cutting themselves off from the urban daily grind, to connect with nature, the authentic scenery, and return to the values of a by-gone era.

In order to bring the potential of the property to full fruition, we:

•     Doubled the size of the property from 50 to 100 square meters

•     Retained the original architectural language in the modernized design of the additions.

•     At the main frontal facade, we reconstructed an original opening that connects the lower and top floor.

•     In the new area of the building we used a maximum amount of glass to enable the resident holiday-makers to fully enjoy the magical nature that surrounds the residence.

•     The combination of glass together with the traditional stone beautifully connects the old style with the new.

Holidays House in Italy San Benedetto Val di Sambro-Bologna.jpg