Danielle arch

Danielle Pardo Rabani achieved her BA degree in Architecture and MA degree in Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Planning from the University of Florence – Italy. In 1997 she won an Excellency Award.

Her love of architecture was born from her enthusiasm and talent for creativity and design. Having broad work experience in France and Italy, she brings this international background and expertise to all her projects in Israel. Now she harmonically combines European building cultures with local architectural traditions.


Danielle speaks fluent Italian, French, English and Hebrew – enabling her to easily converse with her clients from many countries in the language of their choice.

And last, but certainly not least, her work experience includes a year with DUBOSC & LANDOWSKY ARCHITECTS in Paris, France designing luxury residences, a year with DAVID CASSUTO followed by 8 years with the outstanding firm of JACOB MOLHO ARCHITECTS – both in Jerusalem, Israel. After that she spent 4 years as an architect of luxury homes in Sienna, Italy, and then returned to Israel to take a free-lance architect position at MICHAEL SCHWARTZ ARCHITECTS – one of the most reputable firms in Jerusalem.


At the end of 2016, Danielle decided the time was ripe to branch out on her own and she created her own independent firm for Architectural and Interior Design – undertaking turn-key projects as outlined above.