• Danielle Pardo Rabani

Andre Maurois Boarding School - Limoges, France

Updated: Apr 19

While working at Dubosc Landowsky Architects in Paris, I participated in the design of a unique new school in Limoges. The old school was located in the heart of a residential neighborhood, near a motorway. The intention of the entrepreneurs was to build a completely modern institution embracing a new spirit and fresh ideas to better prepare students for the future of the 21st century. They chose this forward looking concept over a traditionally styled building that would perpetuate the old and outdated modes of education.

The building was designed and built towards the year 2000 – ushering in the new Millennium. The intention of the education system was to erect a building that would inspire both the teaching staff and the students. Preparing for an era of far-reaching technological developments that would radically change lifestyles and areas of practice. An age that will require great flexibility, self-study and adaptability to changing conditions. Most students arrive by walking through a covered overpass over the freeway. A safe and comfortable stroll - but also a corridor matching the spirit of the new school. The building was designed in a form that slightly resembles an elongated spaceship that thrusts its occupants towards the future entrusted to them.

The front of the building is designed in the shape of an eye symbolizing the future. It features ventilated spaces that enable students to see the urban and natural landscape around them, while allowing passers-by a glimpse into the spirit of this ultra-modern school. Classrooms are in diverse designs - fundamentally different from traditional style classrooms.