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Counterlight – The Memory of the Holocaust in Arts and Architecture

Updated: Apr 19

In the year 2018, my architectural concept for the urban renewal of a complex of old buildings, in what was a refugee camp during the Holocaust in World War II, close to the Brindisi port in Italy, was included in a new book called Controluce-Counterlight-Gegenlicht. The author, Professor Paolo Coen – Professor for Museology and The History of Art at the University of TERAMO, collected articles about artistic projects connected to the memory of the Holocaust.

Professor Paolo Coen was awarded first prize in the competition of the INTERNATIONAL SPOLETO ART FESTIVAL, and his book now has a treasured place in the library of The National Gallery Of Umbria.

Publication regarding the prize awarded to Prof. Paolo Coen

In his book, Prof. Paolo Coen included an article relating my concept for the Urban Renewal of the old refugee Camp in Brindisi

פרוייקט מחנה הפליטים בברינדיזי


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