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When you design a house in Italy, you take your time. No rush. Italian professionals pay careful attention to all the fine details and make sure that the entire plan will be executed faultlessly, and every detail will be perfect.

בתים במבט מלמעלה - פירנצה
פירנצה בשנות השלושים

In Israel, an architect must take into consideration the pre-scheduled process. Timing is one of the most important parameters. Here, everybody is in a hurry. Thus, during my career, I have had to find a harmonious balance between the Israeli tempo, and the Italian care for fine details that I absorbed during my childhood in Bologna and my architectural studies in Florence.

This was the focus of an article in “Israel Hayom”, dated September 2019. It was written by Barak Rom, a few minutes before Rosh Hashanah. We went out together to see some of the homes I designed, as we conversed about Italian architectural creativity versus the local building cultures. An interesting blend that celebrates aesthetics while fulfilling people's dreams and influencing their daily life.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

Winston Churchill

While designing a home, I undertake an in-depth investigation into my clients’ daily habits. What do they like in their life today, and what would they like to change. I strive to create a home for them that will enable them to fulfill their dreams and support their desired changes. I incorporate all the main functions required, as well as taking into account the times they will probably spend in each space, and their tendency (or otherwise) to host their friends and family while maximizing the enjoyment of their free time.

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