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New private  House


This project incorporated the planning and design of the property from scratch.

We are talking about a two-storey building to which the main entrance from street level is to the upper floor. We decided to avoid the descent to the bottom level from the entryway, and instead designed the upper level to be the common living area including lounge, dining room and kitchen. We designed a beautiful front garden at the same level, with an elegant area for seating guests, and a lush herb garden, that provides fresh produce straight from the earth to the kitchen.

At the bottom level we sit all the family private areas as bedrooms, bathrooms, playroom, etc.

We also created a rear garden that has a generous play area for the children and all private use of the family. 

Every room has its own exit directly into the garden, as well as large windows that together connect the inner spaces with the outside – imbuing a harmonious feeling of open space, freedom, and privacy.

From the design perspective, we played between the vertical spaces of the building and horizontal lines created by the use of a pergola - through which the shading effects change throughout the day. 

The end result: an extremely bright family residence, with a room for each occupant giving total privacy away from the eyes of passers-by, with plenty of space for the kids to play. And an elegant and spacious independent floor for the "public" areas such as living and dining, plus a fabulous front garden, that creates a magic atmosphere both inside and outside.


"That's so funny, I'm walking in your drawings!"

Nirit S.

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