This residence is a townhouse ( 1 wall adjoins neighbouring house) with an additional upper floor.

The renovation entailed both creating additional areas and re-organizing the division of existing spaces, taking into account the challenges of the total available area.

The residence belongs to a family with three children. They have particularly high ecological standards and desire to preserve the quality of the environment. As avid collectors of vintage art and decorative elements, their dream house is eclectic and romantic with a touch of rustic. Accordingly, we collaborated on all details of a soft and traditional design. Unique details include stylish “Mashrabiya” partitions, wooden stairs whose vertical sides are covered with very special tiles, hexagonal tiles in the bathrooms and more ...


The ground floor encompasses both “day” areas (e.g. living room, kitchen etc.) and the master bedroom. The children’s bedrooms are situated on the second floor.  In the future, when the children will be grown and leave home, the couple will be able to concentrate their daily lives on just one floor, without having to constantly climb the stairs.


During the construction process, in order to choose the final finish, we experimented by temporarily attaching different covering alternatives to the walls, before reaching the optimal choices. Thus we were able to assure maximum compatibility of the materials to all spaces of the residence, while retaining harmony with all the  other decorative details in the house.