Sanhedria Center

Urban Social Center - Jerusalem

I designed The Sanhedria Center in 2007 as a senior architect at Y. Molcho Architects office. The design was initially introduced at a fund raising campaign whose goal was financing of the construction. The purpose of the Sanhedria Center, (10,000 square meters) is to become an urban social center integrating the following functions:

  • A nursery and an elementary school

  • An auditorium plus a park for external social/cultural activities (above the auditorium)

  • A kitchen, dining hall and activity rooms

  • A Synagogue

  • A Multi-functional hall

  • A sports hall to serve both the school and the community

SKETCH 1.jpg

The building is located on a long, narrow, sloped plot of land. In order to enable a distinguished entrance at the center of the building, minimize number of corridors and provide efficient circulation of visitors, I decided to divide the space into 3 square sections. The middle square is slightly rotated in comparison to the other two. This division together with the slight rotation of the middle section, created very interesting frontal views of the buildings, as opposed to a one-dimensional uniformity
of 80 meters in length. This design concept also enabled:


  • A natural entrance space at the center of the building

  • A clear physical division between the different functions of the three sections

  • Easy navigation between the spaces

  • A protected in-complex playground and park for the school children as well as

  • Easily navigable connections between the classrooms and the teacher's rooms.

Further down the slope from the 3 square buildings, are the social function areas: Sports hall, the Multi-functional hall, Synagogue, Auditorium and Dining room.
Above all this is an external recreation area, facing the breath-taking landscape of Jerusalem. The park is designed to enable both daily recreation and external community activities and events.