The Pavillion 

A muti-purpose cultural center | Jerusalem
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PAVILION Hall was established by the organization "Christians Who Love Israel" – located on the outskirts of the Mahane Yehuda market, within an emerging cultural area, in the city center. The Pavilion was created within a large office & commercial building as a multi-functional space for studies, prayer, community events, cultural shows, professional conferences etc. The total area is approximately 3,000 square meters. The dynamic design makes it possible to accommodate over 600 people in the auditorium, and if required, this space can be divided into different sized classrooms.

I designed the building while a senior architect at the firm J. Molho Architects.

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Planning Challenges

  • The Pavilion was built within a high-rise office & commercial building. The ceiling height is relatively low and the construction is based on large pillars and very prominent beams throughout the designated space. This posed an extraordinary challenge to find the optimum location for the auditorium that could accommodate a sloping floor and also ensure that the entire stage could be seen from every seat in the hall.

  • The auditorium stage is completely modular. There are three alternate methods to climb onto the stage from the seating area, depending on the nature of the event.

  1. Steps along the entire front of the stage (the apron) that make it an integral part of the hall.

  2. Steps center stage only, or

  3. No steps at all for certain types of shows/performances.

  • Despite the limitations of the existing building, the auditorium has been designed and constructed to enable installation of the most advanced lighting, sound and multimedia systems -  as is customary in modern function and performance halls.

  • Another challenge was to design openings into the auditorium that assure comfortable entry and exit  to events – but even more importantly, fast and safe movement in emergency situations.

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