The A. Residence


In one of the most exclusive Jerusalem neighborhoods, this three-floor apartment has been completely redesigned for the new owners' needs.
They're living in the USA and they visit Israel several times a year, especially during the Holidays. At this time the family gets together, so their common areas must be flexible to receive a much more considerable amount of people than in their daily life. 


This renovation has a very interesting story.
The owners bought this property just a couple of months before the Coronavirus spread over the world.

The whole process, from the preliminary feasibility sketches to the end of the renovation, has been managed with remotely.

The logistics in choosing the materials and finishes, the decisions to be made instantly on the building site, and the effort of visualizing the future environments without being here; was very challenging.
But, nothing can compare to the owners enthusiasm when they saw the final result for the first time!


The front door is magnificent and that first floor is just breathtaking, all the cabinets are done beautifully! So elegant!

Debbie A.