Vintage Apartment

Old Givatayim
Efrat 2.jpg

This lovely apartment is located in one of the older neighbourhoods of Givatayim (not far from Tel Aviv) in Israel. The owner has a finely honed instinct for design and a love for both vintage style and up-to-date design. At her request, the final plan incorporates an eclectic mix of antique and modern details, displaying daring and bold colours. 


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The architectural concept delivers a clear separation between day and night-time activities. It also offers the owner a sense of privacy. The open plan of combined living room, dining area and kitchen, creates a wide area just in front of a very large window -  a significant improvement to the original tiny spaces of the old apartment. Modern, yet traditionally designed, lighting units illuminate the many fine decorative pieces, that were carefully selected from the owner's private collection of vintage items – that had been treasured for generations.

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